Awesome 3D Printed Fallout Power Armor

Gamers have created works of art with 3D printers, from miniature retro consoles to one of a kind figurines, but this Fallout power armor is something special.

Check this out:

Displayed at the Ohio State Fair, the level of detail in this power armor is astounding.

But, is it the best 3D printed power armor in existence?  Maybe not.

Last year, Imgur user  shared his incredible 3D printed power armor.  It’s stunning.

The basic info about the build:

And, yes, he is actually wearing that.

The Fallout power armor was made on a Monoprice Maker Select 3D printer and took some 140 days and over 120 pounds of IC3D PLA filament to create.  Fortunately, hirocreations had a sponsorship with IC3D to make this masterpiece possible.  You can see more of this second build on Imgur.

Which of the two builds do you find most impressive?

What do you think?

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Written by John Santina

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