This Awesome Tiny Gameboy Fits On a Keychain


This tiny Gameboy  is both adorable and fully functional. If I threw my money at my screen with any more force I’d also need to buy a new laptop.

In all seriousness, this quirky project by Jeroen Domburg AKA Sprite_TM, and featured on Hackaday, is the definition of mobile gaming.

The build was inspired by a Gameboy keychain clock, which Sprite_TM had purchased believing it was a fully functional miniature Gameboy, and shows how far technology has come since the original Gameboy was released back in 1989.

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While the original Gameboy had a 160×144 screen with 4 levels of grayscale, this tiny Gameboy utilises a 96×64 colour OLED display. Under the custom 3D-printed case lies an ESP32 chip and a 1cm speaker. Games run via the GNUboy emulator and ROMs are transferred via Wi-Fi; this is an entirely different beast to the chunky, grey brick we all fondly remember from our youth.

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Not only does this tiny Gameboy play Gameboy ROMS, but it can even play Doom. Not good enough? How about The Witcher 3 via VNC forwarding? Now we’re talking!

Sprite_TM gave a talk at the Hackaday SuperConference, where he discussed the build in detail:

For details on how to build your own, keep an eye on Sprite_TM’s website.

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