The Future: Curating Awesome Content

Going forward, GrownGaming will be sharing awesome content on top of our handwritten and handpicked articles.  Here’s what to expect.

I started GrownGaming with the intention of having somewhere to publish my writing, build a team of talented writers and grow a community.  While the community aspect requires an overhaul through the year, we have been blessed with a few brilliant writers and a growing readership.

Here’s the thing: some gaming websites (particularly small ones) get sucked into the mentality of “we must write a ton of articles every day to be relevant.”  This leads to bad writing, general news regurgitation and, eventually, burnout.  We don’t want to go through that, and we don’t want to put you readers through that.

We love that you understand that I and my team cannot write amazing every day.  We are grown gamers ourselves, with jobs, responsibilities and families – we feel the struggles you do, but choose to write about them too.

To get around this, and to still provide quality articles for you all to read, I started sharing “Handpicked” articles – pieces that I feel that are relevant, well-written and worth your time.  The addition of our Gaming News Aggregator was also implemented to give those of you low on time the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest of everything.

Those kind enough to reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook have been warm to this approach, and we thank you for it.  But, we’re not finished.

Writing is only one small facet of the gaming community, and I have decided that we should embrace that.  Going forward, we’ll be sharing what we deem to be “AWESOME” content.  That may be a podcast, a YouTube video, artistic screenshots, or just someone really good at drawing Solid Snake in a bikini (let’s hope not).

My dream is to grow GrownGaming into a hub for grown gamers.  This is the evolution of that dream.

Game on.

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