If Rocket League Was Made In 1998…

Have ever wondered what Rocket League would look like if it had been made for the PS1?  Check out this awesome YouTube video.

YouTuber 98DEMAKE has literally taken one of the most popular modern games and turned it into an authentic-looking PlayStation classic.

The case looks great…

…the loading screen looks delightfully retro…

…the intro video has more jagged edges than Sonic’s inspiration…

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…and that text for the goals is, well…

…brilliant.  As a gamer who grew up with a PlayStation, I saw this video and felt genuine nostalgia despite Rocket League having not existed at the time.  It felt like I was seeing a video game that I played in between spells of Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII.

Check out the full video, below:

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By far the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Be sure to drop by the video on YouTube to give kudos to 98DEMAKE.  Like and subscribe for more of the same.

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