What Attention From N4G Does To A Site Like Ours


So, today GrownGaming had an article featured on N4G. This is what it did for a new website like ours (it literally changed our fortunes).

For those who know me, you know I’m humble. I post on Twitter, and I have a decent following on there. I like to make friends and engage in conversation – usually about gaming, but not always. I’m not one to brag and never will be.

I turned 30 on the 15th October 2016, and my brother gifted me some money. I decided to use it to create a website/community that I’ve always wanted to create; GrownGaming.com. A community for adult gamers.

I started writing articles; some about video game news I find interesting, some about life and the struggles of being an adult gamer. I’d submit articles to N4G. Some of my followers checked out my writing and left me great feedback on Twitter. I was living the dream.

My traffic? Not incredible, but okay for a website that didn’t exist two weeks ago: about 80-150 readers a day, give or take. The traffic is secondary to the very idea that someone, anyone, has been reading my writing. I’ve been living the dream.

Then, N4G featured one of my articles. I mean, it was a few days too late, but yo…I’m not being picky!


Suddenly, my website traffic spiked. For the first time in my life, a lot of people are reading my writing. It’s not the best article on my website, but still – it’s mine. My fingers wrote that. It’s such a blessing.

This shows how much of a difference it has made to GrownGaming:


Over 8,000 readers in 24 hours. That is incredible. Thank you N4G!

This article wasn’t made to brag; it is a shout out to all video game writers out there who have submitted articles to N4G and had them rejected. Keep trying. Eventually, someone will hit the green button.

To be on the front page of N4G feels like a huge achievement to me. I’ve always dreamt of writing and having people interesting in my writing. Thank you, each every one of you, who came by and read what we have to offer. It means the world.

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