History of Counter Strike: 18 Years of Pure Fun (Infographic)

Avid gamers, particularly FPS fans, owe it to themselves to play Counter-Strike. Check out the infographic of one of the most iconic video games in history.

When talking about iconic FPS titles, we are first and foremost talking about Counter Strike. This game was played by tens (if not hundreds) of million people throughout its 18-year history and has also acted as a pivotal point in multiplayer gaming. It broke new barriers of user engagement and ushered an entire generation into professional gaming (or eSports as we call it today).

Counter Strike literally went from a single Half-Life mod into a billion dollar enterprise. All it took was an idea and some free time — both of which came from Minh Lee, who was (at the time) a young and aspiring developer in college.

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When Half-Life launched in 1998, Lee took it upon himself to create a mod for it. Since Valve made the SDK public early on, he was able to use the Half Life’s early success to create a mod where two teams of players could play each other in a closed map setting.

A couple of months later, Counter-Strike was born. It caught on right from the start and the community around it started to build up. Other developers started contributing to the mod: they added new maps, character models, weapons and improved game mechanics. They didn’t do that for the money: they just wanted the game to perform better so that they could play it more.

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Valve, of course, realized what’s going on and purchased the rights to Counter-Strike from Lee and his partner. Just like that, Counter-Strike was in the hands of a huge video game company who wanted to take it to the next level.

In the year 2000, Counter-Strike was launched as a separate game and the rest can be considered gaming history. This infographic by Gamopo takes us once again through its 18-year history. And some of us have been there from the beginning.

History of Counter Strike - Infographic

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