Made A Game? We’ll Write About It!

Are you a game developer struggling to get some attention for your new masterpiece? Maybe we can help.

There are many reasons I started Grown Gaming. I wanted to meet fellow adult gamers and build a community, but I also wanted to create a vehicle to help people achieve their aspirations.  I want writers to be able to build a portfolio, gamers to make new friends, and game developers to get attention for their hard work.

I’ve already received a few submissions for games, including the Deus Ex/System Shock/Red Faction mashup, Hevn, with a few more brewing on Word documents on my computer.  It gives me great joy to play previews of games and to give my thoughts, both to the Grown Gaming community and also constructively to the developers.

If you are developing a game that you feel the Grown Gaming audience may enjoy and are willing to provide us with a preview, Q&A with the developers, and possibly even a review copy, we will definitely consider promoting it.

And, yes, this is free. 

Some websites ask for $50+ “for our time writing the articles” but I think that’s ridiculous. If you link to the article, it helps your followers and fans find my site and likewise it helps our readers to find a game they may enjoy. That’s enough payment for me.

So, are you developing a game? Want some coverage? Write to us at with information of your game and we’ll get back to you.

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