Returning To Pokemon After A Decade


I’m a grown man who has bought a 2DS solely to play Pokemon Sun – and I didn’t even play Pokemon Go.

Pokemon was all the rage when I was in high school.  From 12 years old, my friends and I would argue about who had the best Pokemon; we’d see who remembered the most about the stats and backstory behind every element of the Pokemon Universe.

And we’d try to figure out whether Daniel was lying about catching Mew under a truck then releasing it “accidentally” before we could see it.

I’ve written about my love for Pokemon Blue, but I was enamoured with Pokemon Gold too. 251 Pokemon was more than enough for my little brain to be consumed with, and I played it to death.


After that, things got a little shaky. Years later, I played Pokemon Emerald via an emulator on my phone with a speed cheat, which allowed me to power-walk and complete battles in a blink of the eye. This completely ruined the experience for me and I ended up dropping off of the map.

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I always wanted to play the more recent games, but I could never justify buying a console just to play one game, even if it was a game that defined my childhood.  The DS passed me by and so did the 3DS, no matter how awesome it looked.

I couldn’t even play Pokemon Go because my Blackberry Z10 isn’t compatible (I’m broke, and it was a freebie – don’t judge).

Admittedly, Pokemon X and Y almost broke me.  It was a close call; they showed me that the world had finally started to catch up with my childhood imagination, but I decided against it.  I felt intimidated by the sheer number of Pokemon and also a little ashamed to return to the franchise as an almost-thirty-year-old.

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Now I’m a thirty-year-old and Pokemon Sun/Moon has finally broken me. They take the Pokemon world to a whole new level, and the graphics are what I’d always wanted them to be.

I’ve read everything I can about these new releases. Over 800 Pokemon seems a bit ridiculous to me, and I’m not sure what I think about not having gym leaders, but all of the previews and, now, reviews have completely sold me.

I’ve bought a Nintendo 2DS just to play Pokemon. It’s official. I regret nothing.

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