Xbox Project Scorpio: 11 Final Name Suggestions

We all know that Xbox Project Scorpio is a development codename.  But, what will the powerful system be called?  Here are 11 suggestions.

  1. Xbox Two (because, why not)
  2. Xbox 720 (let’s get that one out of the way)
  3. Xbox 4K
  4. Xbox One Pro (take that, Sony!)
  5. Xbox One +
  6. Xbox One.5
  7. Xbox (just Xbox)
  8. Xbox Zero
  9. Xbox One Prime
  10. Xbox One Ultra
  11. Xbox Scorpio?

I will admit, I had my money on Xbox One Elite until I used the power of Google to confirm that that is already a thing.

Would Microsoft really name the console Scorpio?  Most consoles sit behind a codename until nearer the release date when the final name is announced alongside the official reveal of the design.  If Microsoft were to stick with Scorpio they’d be using a name that the gaming community have been infatuated with for months – plus, it’s a name that we generally, well…like.

Project Scorpio, under whatever name, is expected to release later this year.  On paper, the Scorpio specs overpower the PS4 Pro, and Microsoft has committed to offering gamers “high-fidelity VR experiences.”

What do you think the next Xbox will be called?  -10 points if you say Yboy or Zboz.  Just sayin’.

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