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I started to be a website by Grown Gamers, for Grown Gamers. Now I’m asking you – if you’re an adult gamer, please join us.

We can’t be college kids forever, with a seemingly infinite amount of game time and responsibilities that don’t include balancing a long work day with valuable family time.  And, that’s okay.

With great responsibility comes a great sense of well-being and purpose, but also a distinct lack of game time.  I feel you.  I’m in the same boat.

I wanted this website to not only be a place where I can write, but also a community for like-minded adult gamers to share their thoughts and organise gaming sessions.  It is my dream to see people arranging a GTA session every second Friday, or a Planetside 2 Outfit with the understanding that if the baby wakes up, you gotta go.


The forums aren’t the hive of activity that I’d hoped, but that’s cool – it’s early days.  I’m truly grateful that so many people read our articles every day and communicate with us via Facebook and Twitter.  It means a lot, sincerely.

But, if you’re looking for a platform for your clan or guild to find recruits, or organise game nights, or just talk about video games, please consider our forums.  You could become one of the cornerstones of our community.

I’m just a humble guy with big dreams.  I’ll never be rich, but that was never my intention – I just want to connect with gamers who are just like me.  If I can do that, GrownGaming will have been a resounding success.

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