Gamer New Years Resolution: Don’t Buy A Gaming PC – Build One

2017 is coming – fast. We’ve put together some New Year Resolutions that every gamer should consider. And we didn’t mention gyms or dieting because, no.

This is one for PC gamers (duh), but one that I’m personally going to follow when it comes time for me to upgrade my rig.  Buying an off-the-shelf PC guarantees that the parts will work together, and means you can be playing games almost immediately after taking delivery of that huge package.

But, the convenience of buying a ready made monster costs money and the feeling of true ownership.

Money speaks for itself; a ready made PC costs on average 10-20% more than buying the parts yourself, which is significant as it could be the difference between a good graphics card and a great one.

A sense of ownership is harder to define, but every self-builder I have spoken to say they wouldn’t go back to buying pre-build rigs.  They spent hours pouring over every detail; the power supply, the motherboard, the graphics card, gradually piecing together their Frankensteins monster until they had the beast they wanted.

Then, they put it together, pressed the power button and held their breath.

I want that.  I deserve that.  And you do too.

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