20 Years Later, The N64 Is Getting A New ‘Usable’ controller

Two N64 controllers, one red and one yellow, being held on top of each other.

The N64 has one of the most iconic controllers in video game history but 20 years later a group of gamers think it deserves an upgrade.

We’ve written about the N64’s trident controller; we think it’s great.  Here it is:

It’s a beauty, right?

It turns not that not everyone else loves it as much as we do – a fact evidenced by the fact that Retro Fighters’ Kickstarter project to create a “current gen” N64 controller was funded in less than a day.

The original goal for the project was just $13,000, a figure that at the time of writing has been far exceeded, with over 2,450 backers pledging over $72,000 and counting.

The new design is much more in-fitting with modern video game controllers:

A generic layout?  Check.  Shoulder buttons and triggers?  Check.  A more-responsive thumbstick?  Check.

So, it’s basically an Xbox controller but at least the designers didn’t completely destroy the soul of the original design; they’ve kept the buttons and, well, that’s about it.

A $20 pledge get’s you the controller, which isn’t such a bad deal assuming it comes to fruition.  The controller doesn’t utilize USB, however the creators have promised a USB version if the N64 version is successful.  And, yes, it is 100% compatible with Memory Cards and Rumble Paks.

Are you a fan of the new design, or does the original N64 controller hold a special place in your heart?

What do you think?

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Written by John Santina

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