Age Of Empires IV; III HD announced

Age of Empires, a man holding a sword and looking angry.

Following a near 12 year wait, Age Of Empires IV has officially been announced by Microsoft.

Age Of Empires III was released in 2005 and ever since then, the question as to when a sequel would release was a mystery… until now.

Age Of Empires IV has officially been announced by Microsoft and will be a Windows 10 exclusive. It is being developed by Relic Entertainment. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

Additionally, to add to the collection of remastered games, Age Of Empires III will join the lineup with a remaster, although nothing as been announced.

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Written by Cameron Rogers

I have been a gamer since the 90s. I mostly pay attention and cover horror, simulation, retro games and ports with some exceptions. My favorite game of all time is The Sims Bustin Out.

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