Armchair Managers Rejoice – Football Manager 2019 Is Out Now

Football Manager is the undisputed number one football management series in the world.  With its roots going as far back as 1992 as Championship Manager, Sports Interactive has spent the last two and a half decades evolving their flagship title.

Football Manager 2019 is the latest evolution of the formula and it is the best yet.  This entry introduces VAR, so expect controversy to reign supreme as you cling onto a 3-2 lead in the Champions League final.  Or the EFL trophy.  Whatever floats your boat.

Football Manager 2019 also boasts streamlined tactical customisation options that make it easier to set up your team’s play style and new training options to let the tinkerers, well, tinker.  Given Sports Interactive’s consistency, you can expect all of the pre-existing facets of Football Manager to have been refined and enhanced, too.

Football Manager 2019 is available on Steam for £37.99.

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