WWE 2K17 Powerbombs Onto The PC Today

WWE 2K17 is out now on PC, bringing the game released on consoles back in October to your monitor. Why’d you make us wait so long, 2K?

The PC version has launched with two versions.  The $50 standard edition comes with the Goldberg pack, which includes two iconic arenas (Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc) and lets you play as two versions of, you guessed it, Goldberg.

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For fans wanting a little more, the WWE 2K17 Deluxe edition retails for $75 and includes the Goldberg pack plus a season pass.  The season pass can also be purchased separately for $30.

All of the DLC previously released on the console versions are available from launch on the PC, with the Hall of Fame Showcase pack due imminently.

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WWE 2K17 is available for PC on Steam and the 2K Store.

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