So, Someone Actually Made The Nintendo Switch Dog…


…he looks so darn cute!

Um, did I just say “so darn cute”? Why, yes I did! And you can’t argue with me!

For those who missed the reference, here is your crash course:


Switch was made by the immensely talented @TheAnnaTheRed on Twitter, who is a bento and plush designer on her site,

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Look at this little guy:


He even has a tail:


And a, uh…hey, is that a butthole…??:


Attention to detail is the name of the game here. And, here is Switch where belongs – with the other consoles under the TV:


I think it is safe to say that Anna’s children will have the COOLEST soft toys and hats and scarves and EVERYTHING! Great, I’m jealous of children. 

For more pictures, or just to say “you rule,” add Anna on Twitter or leave a comment on her website.

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