So, you want to write video game reviews? You’re in exactly the right place! (If not, you clicked the wrong link – sorry!)

We’re always on the lookout for budding wordsmiths to join the team, and this page is designed to help you apply to join the family.

There are benefits to being involved:
– Thousands of readers from all over the globe will read your article;
– It’s a great chance to see your work published on an active website;
– Your review will be promoted via our social media outlets and promoted web-wide;
– We have a talented editor who will get your work into the best shape possible before publishing;
You can get paid real money.

We don’t have too many expectations – you don’t need to write a review every day, every week, or even every month – write as and when you can. What we do expect, however, is a well-written review, focused on grown-up gamers.

Here are the guidelines for a good review:

It must cover everything that’s important for a given title, which will vary depending on the genre. Please note, this doesn’t mean the review needs to be long, just that it covers what is necessary. Your reviews should lead the readers on a journey, before arriving at a clear-cut conclusion.

Your review should be formatted reasonably, without major grammatical and spelling errors. We do have an editor who can iron out the creases, but your review should not require re-writing on submission.

On Time
If you have provided with a review copy of a game, you must adhere to the agreed deadline. Review copies generally come directly from the developers or publishers on the basis that a review will be shared by a certain date – this is non-negotiable.


As the website grows and evolves, there may be the opportunity to join us as a staff writer. We would also happily pass along a reference should your writing be noticed by another website offering an employment opportunity.

Still interested in joining the team? Brilliant! Simply email with examples of your writing (either with attachments or links) and a little bit about yourself. We will be in touch.

Thank you for your interest!