Limbo’s Commodore 64 Demake Looks Awesome

The playable demo is available now

The Commodore 64 was one of the top computer systems in the 1980s and the console still has a dedicated, albeit it smaller, following today.  Some of these fans continue to play the old classics while others work to make new classics for the system.

One such example is Limbo, which has been “demade” for the Commodore 64 by cracking crew, Excess.  A demo was released at the recent X demoscene party, an event dedicated to the classic system.

You can see it in action below:

The demo states that the full demake will be released in 2024, which may or may not be genuine.  Either way, it’s pretty cool to see a genuine demake of a modern game.  We’ve shared videos of demakes for Bioshock and Rocket League previously, but actually creating a playable version of a modern game on an ancient system is impressive.

The Limbo demo is available now on the C-64 Scene Database and can be played with a Commodore 64 emulator.


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  1. I love this, it’s cool to see such a recent game reimagined for the C64.
    As something of a retro fan myself (ok, a huge retro fan), I’m always on the lookout for interesting projects.

    There’s some amazing things being done for a lot of old systems these days. I probably spend about as much time, if not more, retro gaming as I do on my Xbox One, Switch and PS4 combined.

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