Dude Buys Old Graphics Card For $1.55 (It Runs Bioshock: Infinite)

This guy bought an old ATI Radeon GPU for just £1.25 ($1.55) and tested it with modern games.  It did surprisingly well.

PC gamers have a reputation for relentlessly pursuing ever more realistic graphics, with graphics cards going from cutting edge to trash in the course of a 12-month cycle.  The latest big thing in the PC graphics card world is the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 TI – a graphics card that will cost you £699.

But, what if you’re a PC gamer on a budget?  What if you bought a graphics card for less than the price of a cup of coffee?

RandomGaminginHD decided to find out and bought a decade old HD 2600 XT card for a whopping £1.25/$1.55.

Testing the graphics card at 1360 x 768, they put the graphics card through its paces and found that, surprisingly, the throw-away graphics card could still do a job for the modern gamer.

Bioshock Infinite ran at an average 35 frames per second, the original Crysis ran at an average 30 frames per second, CS: GO ran at an average of a whopping 85 frames per second.  Metro: Last Life let the side down with a meager 10 frames per second on average, but the impressive performance with the other games speaks for itself.

You can see the video for yourself here:

It just goes to show that even seemingly obsolete hardware could still have a part to play in 2017.  Sure, you won’t be playing at 4K, and VR is out of the question, but for someone looking for an entry-level graphics card to start exploring the wonders offered by Steam, £1.25 is a low price to pay.

And who said that PC gaming was expensive?


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