This Starcraft 2 Kerrigan Cosplay Is Mindblowing (And Hot)

Tasha of the Spiral Cats, Korea Cosplay Team, looks incredible in one of the most awesome (and sexiest) cosplays of Starcraft 2’s Zerg Queen, Kerrigan.

Y’know…if you’re into that sort of thing.  Check these pictures out:

The level of detail is truly astounding.

Spiral Cats are a professional cosplay company, who have been utilizing the popularity of the cosplay scene to market video games and other media since 2013.

While this Zerg Queen cosplay is certainly a highlight, other notable mentions are League of Legend’s Gnar & Mega GnarWorld of Warcraft’s Yrel and Overwatch’s Mercy.

You can see more of the Zerg Queen cosplay on the official website, where you can also make business inquiries.


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