50+ Best Skyrim VR Mods in 2019 (UPDATED)

Essential Skyrim VR Mods You Should Install Before Playing

There are so many Skyrim VR mods that it can be difficult to choose the best ones to install.  We have compiled a selection of the best mods that you should prioritise to get up and running as quickly as possible.

I have tested and used these mods myself, so can vouch that they work.  Your mileage may vary depending upon your personal setup, but I have a flawless and significantly more immersive experience.

To install these mods, you will need a mod manager.  I use Vortex as my chosen mod manager, but have also heard good things about Mod Organizer 2—it is up to you which one you use.

First things first…

Supersampling in Skyrim VR

Okay, so this isn’t what some people would consider modding, but playing with the supersampling settings will make your eyeballs very happy before you’ve even installed any big Skyrim VR mods.

To start, go into the game’s settings and make the following changes:

  • Disable ‘Dynamic Resolution’
  • Disable ‘Foliage Shadows’
  • Disable ‘Comfort Mode’
  • Slide the ‘Supersampling’ slider all the way to the left
  • Untick ‘Disable LOD options’
  • Set ‘Tree LOD’ slider to maximum
  • Set the distance sliders as follows:
    • Item: 25%
    • Actor 25%
    • Objects 35%
    • Grass 100%

Depending on your preference, you could also activate ‘Realistic Archery’, ‘Physical Sneak’ and ‘Realistic Swimming’, which will all contribute to a more immersive experience.

Next, you’ll need to set supersampling via the Oculus Tray Tool or Steam.

For those using the Steam settings, go to Steam VR settings, click the ‘Developers’ tab and click ‘Manual Override’.  Choose whichever level you’d like—I’ve had a great experience at 200% but you could look to lower this if your performance suffers.

Next up…

Enable Skyrim VR Mods

Before we install any mods, we need to make a tweak to a .ini file.  Go to the folder where your game is installed (usually your Documents/MyGames/SkyrimVR file) and open ‘SkyrimPrefs.ini’.

Add the following lines to the .ini file:



Save and close.

Now we’re ready to begin installing Skyrim VR mods!  Let’s get started with all of our recommended mods…

Skyrim VR Bug-Fixing Mods:

Skyrim VR Mod: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

This is a comprehensive bug fixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition.  It is an essential mod that fixes a lot of the bugs that Bethesda missed.


Skyrim VR Mod: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch – VR

This mod focuses on fixing inconsistencies and incompatibilities between Skyrim VR and the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch mod.  Definitely install it if you’ve used the above mod.

Link: USSEP VR fix

Skyrim VR Visual Mods:

The next 20+ Skyrim VR mods are designed to improve the visuals of your game.

Skyrim VR Mod: Noble Skyrim

This 2K texture pack improves Skyrim’s architecture by replacing the stock textures with improved custom textures.  Besides improving the architecture, this mod also improves the visuals of landscapes, dungeons, ruins, mines, caves, and more.  It’s like Skyrim VR 2.0.

Download the Skyrim Special Edition version from the file selection but avoid SMIM in VR.

Link: Noble Skyrim

Skyrim VR Mod: Underground

This mod describes itself as being an ambitious dungeon re-texturing project which improves caves and Nordic dungeons.  Use it in tandem with the Noble Skyrim mod for the best effect.

Link: Underground

Skyrim VR Mod: Skyland

Skyland is a quality landscape texture package comprising individually handcrafted materials generated from programmatic textures.  At least, that’s what the developers say.

All you need to know is that it makes absolutely everything look incredible.  Pick up the 2K pack if your rig can handle it, otherwise, the 1K pack is still gorgeous.

Link: Skyland

Skyrim VR Mod: Majestic Mountains

This mod makes the mountains in Skyrim VR look more awe-inspiring by improving the lighting, and stacking textures.  The result is a much more realistic look.

Use the optional LOD file to make them look better from a distance if your PC can handle it.

Link: Majestic Mountains

Skyrim VR Mod: Beautiful Cities

The Beautiful Cities mod adds trees and plants to Skyrim’s cities, making them much more pleasant and vibrant places to be.

Link: Beautiful Cities

Skyrim VR Mod: Five Cities Road Signs

This 2K texture mod re-textures the road signs throughout Skyrim and makes them more easily readable.

Link: Five Cities Road Signs

Skyrim VR Mod: Realistic Aspen Trees

These 4K and 2K packs re-texture trees, giving them a more lifelike and diverse look, with realistic mixtures of yellows, oranges and reds.

Link: Realistic Aspen Trees

Skyrim VR Mod: HQ Treebark

No prizes for guessing what this one does.  Use it with the Realistic Aspen Trees mod and the Simply Bigger Trees mod for the ultimate effect!

Link: HQ Treebark

Skyrim VR Mod: Simply Bigger Trees SE

Simply Bigger Trees doubles the size of trees and resizes the HD LOD.  The larger trees result in lusher forests to get lost in.

If you’re using the Aspen tree mod, install the ‘Realistic Aspen Trees – loose’ version and the HD Texture by Vurts.

Link: Simply Bigger Trees SE

Skyrim VR Mod: Pure Waters

Pure Waters is a beautiful water overhaul mod.  It brings the waters of Skyrim closer to what you would expect from a 2019 title.

Link: Pure Waters

Skyrim VR Mod: White Water HD

This HD texture pack adds realistic foam and bubbles on top of the water.

Link: White Water HD

Skyrim VR Mod: Ilinalta Realistic Water

This mod changes the values of all water types, resulting in a more realistic transparency. No more muddy blue ink streams.

Link: Ilinalta Realistic Water

Skyrim Mod: Wildsong Immersive Character Overhaul

This mod significantly improves character models.  Personally, I installed the Special Edition UNP version, but there’s a nude texture pack available too.  I won’t judge.

Link: WICO

Skyrim Mod: Rustic Clothing

This mod is a high-resolution rustic clothing texture overhaul.  There’s a 4K pack, but I’d recommend the 2K version unless you have more VRAM than you know what to do with.

Link: Rustic Clothing

Skyrim Mod: Obsidian Weathers and Seasons

This is a lightweight mod that significantly improves the weather in the game.  Ominous and atmospheric weather effects that also obscure distant landscapes with mysterious fogs.

Link: Obsidian Weathers and Seasons

Skyrim Mod: Ethereal Cosmos

Ethereal Cosmos brings all new textures to the Skyrim galaxy, stars, and constellations. It was created to enhance the beauty of Skyrim nights, and it succeeds.  This is one for the stargazers.  There’s a variety of night skies to choose from.

Link: Ethereal Cosmos

Skyrim Mod: Relighting Skyrim

This mod fixes the placement and characteristics of light sources throughout Skyrim. It makes light emanate from its source and ensures light isn’t absurdly bright or dark.  It sounds simple, but it’s very effective.

Link: Relighting Skyrim

Skyrim Mod: Luminosity Lighting Overhaul

This ultra-lightweight mod recolours and enhances the light throughout Skyrim VR.

Link: Luminosity

Skyrim Mod: Lanterns of Skyrim

This mod adds lanterns at certain points throughout Skyrim, such as on roads, near signs, at entrances, and other key locations.

Link: Lanterns Of Skyrim

Skyrim Mod: Ultimate HD Fire Effects

This mod enhances all fire effects Skyrim VR, including fire spells, campfires, braziers, torches and Dragonfire, plus some smoke effects.  The mod comes with a variety of resolution options-I went for the ‘Medium’ setting, but you could experiment with ‘Ultra’ if you have the headroom.

Link: Ultimate HD Fire Effects

Skyrim VR Mod: Bellyache’s HD Dragon Replacer Pack

So, on release, Skyrim’s dragons looked pretty cool.  These days, they look a bit, well… average.  This mod recognises that dragons deserve to look awesome and gives them 10 new skins, bringing them closer to modern standards.

Link: Bellyache’s HD Dragon Replacer Pack

Skyrim VR Mod: Darker Nights

This mod makes the nights in Skyrim darker. Interiors are also darker at night, unless they are well lit. There are seven levels of darkness to choose from-level 3 was just right for me, but 4 was fine, if a little on the dark side.

Link: Darker Nights

Skyrim VR Audio Mods:

These mods all improve the audio, including sound positioning, weapon sound effects, and general immersive background sounds.

Skyrim VR Mod: True 3D Sound for Headphones

This enables 3D sound positioning in-game. You’ll hear exactly from which direction a sound is coming from.  Why this wasn’t included within the base game is beyond me.

Note, this isn’t installed like the other normal mods in this list.  You must extract the files and copy them to your install folder.  It’s worth it.

Link: True 3D Sound

Skyrim VR Mod: Lucidity Sound FX

This mod re-masters and mixes every single sound effect in Skyrim.  The audio quality is exceptional, resulting in a much more immersive experience.

Skyrim walking through a village.

Link: Lucidity

Skyrim VR Mod: Immersive Sounds – Compendium

This mod improves the sound effects of weapons, combat, and general impacts.

Link: Immersive Sounds – Compendium

Skyrim VR Mod: Sounds of Skyrim Complete

Sounds of Skyrim Complete is a merged version of the following three mods: Sounds of Skyrim – Civilization, Sounds of Skyrim – The Wilds, and Sounds of Skyrim – The Dungeons.  It adds immersive 3D audio to the game.

Link: Sounds of Skyrim Complete

Skyrim VR Gameplay Mods:

These mods all change the gameplay of Skyrim VR.  They will not be for everyone, but switch-up the experience for those who have played through Skyrim before.

Skyrim VR Mod: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

This mod adds over 5,000 lines of voice-acted dialogue for NPCs, giving friends, followers, spouses, rivals, and others, much more to say. It’s a complete overhaul.

Link: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Skyrim VR Mod: Realistic Conversations

This mod reworks NPC social logic.  You’ll see NPCs talking to each other more often, and they will be less likely to greet you from a distance.  This mod perfectly compliments the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul mod.

Link: Realistic Conversations

Skyrim VR Mod: No Stagger

Getting staggered in Skyrim VR breaks the immersion.  This mod fixes that by removing it from the game.  That’s a win.

Link: No Stagger

Skyrim VR Mod: Archery

This mod improves arrow trajectories, making the use of a bow much more realistic.

Link: Archery

Skyrim VR Mod: Vigor

This combat overhaul mod adds more weight and realism to combat.

Link: Vigor

Skyrim VR Immersive Mods:

So, improving graphics, audio and gameplay go a long way to improving the immersion in Skyrim VR.  These mods go above and beyond that, creating an experience unlike anything before.

Skyrim VR Mod: Dragonborn Speaks Naturally

This is my number one mod, adding speech recognition to Skyrim VR so you recite dialogue lines to select them.  It takes a little time to set up, but it is so worth it.

Link: Dragonborn Speaks Naturally

Skyrim VR Mod: Natural Locomotion

I heard about this when researching motion-sickness solutions, and it works a treat in VR.  You walk by swinging your arms by your side, as if you’re walking physically.  It sounds simple, but makes a significant improvement to the experience.

It’s available from the Steam Store and is worth every penny-you can use it in several other VR games.

Link: Natural Locomotion

Even More Skyrim VR Mods To Consider

Okay, you’ve installed all of our recommended essential mods, but you still want more?  Awesome!  Here are more mods to install:

Skyrim VR Mod: Inigo

This one very almost made it onto our ‘essential’ list, just because of how darn good it is.

Inigo is a fully voiced Khajiit adventuring companion, with over 7,000 lines of unique dialogue-much of it about you. He’ll level alongside you and avoid most traps. If you’re sneaking, he won’t start conversations, and he’ll whisper if you talk to him. He’s highly skilled in archery, one-handed, and sneak.  You’ll love him.

Link: Inigo

Skyrim VR Mod: Point the Way

A mod to provide more road signs at various road intersections, so you don’t need to refer to your map so often.

Link: Point the Way

Skyrim VR Mod: Magical College of Winterhold

An aesthetic overhaul for the College of Winterhold.  It makes the place feel, well, more magical.  And cooler.  Much cooler.

Link: Magical College of Winterhold

Skyrim VR Mod: A Quality World Map

Provides a new set of highly detailed 3D and paper world map textures, complete with roads.  There’s also a detailed Solsteim map.

Link: A Quality World Map

Skyrim VR Mod: Rally’s Horn Chandeliers and Candles

This mod basically makes candles look better.  Flames flicker and have a warmer glow.

Link: Rally’s Horn Chandeliers and Candles

Skyrim VR Mod: Cloaks of Skyrim

This mod adds nearly 100 new lore-friendly and enchantable cloak styles to Skyrim VR.  Guards wear their banner, your people wear their cloaks-it looks great.

Link: Cloaks of Skyrim

Skyrim VR Mod: Immersive Armors

The Immersive Armors mod introduces extra sets of lore-friendly armour, which enemies wear and drop when defeated.

Link: Immersive Armors

Skyrim VR Mod: InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack

This mod does for weapons what the Immersive Armors mod does for armour.  It adds a variety of new weapons to the game, some of which are stunningly beautiful.

Link: InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack

Skyrim VR Mod: Simply Stronger Dragons

For the Dark Souls players out there.  This mod increases dragon’s health, melee damage, and fire damage, making them the mighty monsters that they should be.  Only for the brave.

Link: Simply Stronger Dragons

Skyrim VR Mod: Populated Dungeons

Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins adds about 300 vanilla enemies (mainly skeletons, vampires, draugrs, falmers, giant spiders, dwemer automas, wolves, necromancers, warlocks, and trolls) to approximately 50 locations, providing more suspense and surprises when exploring.

Link: Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins Legendary

Skyrim VR Mod: Realistic Ragdolls and Force

This mod significantly improves the ragdoll effects within Skyrim VR.  It’s well worth the install.

Link: Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Skyrim VR Mod: No BS AI Projectile Dodge

Skyrim walking through a village.

The description says this much better than I could: “Have you ever had that moment where you had the perfect assassination lined up, only for the target to sidestep while he wasn’t looking at you? This mod makes it so enemies do not have superpower sensing/dodging. No BS Guaranteed!”

Link: No BS AI Projectile Dodge

Skyrim VR Mod: Mortal Enemies

This mod improves Skyrim’s combat by removing the aimbot-like attacks of creatures, and imposing movement limits on NPCs while they are attacking.  It changes the turning rate of enemies, levelling the playing field.

Link: Mortal Enemies

Skyrim VR Mod: Skyrim Revamped – Complete Enemy Overhaul

This mod increases the overall difficulty of Skyrim VR.  It overhauls enemy variation and their combat styles, making fights much more challenging.  The bosses could be from Dark Souls.

Link: Skyrim Revamped – Complete Enemy Overhaul

Skyrim VR Mod: Skyrim Revamped – Loot and Encounter Zones

This one is pretty awesome but makes the first few hours extremely challenging.  Enemy levels remain static, rather than levelling with you.  This makes you feel more powerful as the game progresses, while the opening stages become a fight for survival.

Link: Skyrim Revamped – Loot and Encounter Zones

Skyrim VR Mod: Earn XP for Reading

I love it when I get a bit of XP for reading a book in Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s cool to have the option for something similar in Skyrim VR.

Link: Earn XP For Reading

Skyrim VR Mod: Audiobooks of Skyrim

Speaking of reading, why don’t you take the Audible option instead?  Audiobooks of Skyrim enables you to listen the lore you pluck from Skyrim’s dusty bookshelves while you continue to play.  It’s makes those long treks across the map more enjoyable.

Link: Audiobooks of Skyrim

If there are any mods that you think we should include in this list, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!


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