Best Elite Dangerous Mods & Enhancements In 2019 (UPDATED)

Are There Any We’ve Missed?

That’s our comprehensive list but the range of mods, tools, and enhancements grow every day.  If we’ve missed any please drop us a comment, below, or send an email to johnsantinaATgrowngamingDOTcom.

o7 CMDRs.


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  1. For Head Tracking you missed EDTracker.
    It uses motion sensors, so no need for cameras or darkened rooms. There’s DIY instructions and tools for a microUSB version and a commercial Pro version that comes in wired and wireless variants. Very good indeed, and compatible with facetrackIR and Opentrack software. Cost $10 – $85 depending on what you want.

  2. Yep EdTracker is a minimal spend wired and wireless very effective very responsive a must buy if you’re not going all in on VR

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