Free Planetside 2 Codes 2019 (UPDATED)


(We’ve received reports that this one no longer works, which is a shame as it was the best of the lot!)

I’ve given this pack its own section because it requires a different process and, well, it’s awesome.

First, visit the Imperium website and create an account (if you have Twitter it takes three clicks).  Then, click to reveal your code, and insert it into the Reem A Code section.

The FREE Welcome Pack includes:
– Custom Title – Imperator
– Banner – Imperial Sigil Banner
– Boost – Experience Boost – 1 Day
– Increases experience gain by 50% for 1 day. Boost can only be used on the character the code is redeemed on.
– Weapon – Unique Melee Knife: NS-TMC-01 “His Regards”
– Helmet – Lumifiber Helmet for all three factions:
– Terran Republic – Orange
– New Conglomerate – Yellow
– Vanu Sovereignty – Teal

Out of all of these items, the most awesome is the helmet.  It looks AWESOME in-game:

I spent real-world money to get a different helmet for my SMG Infiltrator and if I’d just waited a day to Google these Free items I wouldn’t have needed to part with my gold coins.

At least now you won’t have to.


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  1. Hi
    PS2 love the game!!
    Been playing for 4 years now all factions, currently NC Infiltrator..
    Free code always cool to get, any updates !?


  2. Im highly disappointed that THE IMPERIUM WELCOME PACK does not work. I logged in and created a new account too, but it does not work

  3. But I dont know why it looks like i didnt get the decal and the knives. But i still get a free helmet and ns weapon. Thanks a lot

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