Graveyard Keeper Is THE Game To Play This Halloween If You Don’t Like Horror

For those who like to be scared by their video games, there are psychological horror games that will haunt your nightmares.  But, what if you don’t like being scared shitless for, well, fun?

Well, you could play Red Dead Redemption 2.  I mean, it’s what everyone else is doing, right?  But if you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit without sitting uncomfortably tense for a few hours, there is another option.

You could play Graveyard Keeper.

For those who haven’t heard of Graveyard Keeper, imagine Stardew Valley with dead bodies and you’re on the right track.

As crazy as it sounds, taking control of the keeper of a cemetery is a ton of fun as you accept cadavers from the grumpiest donkey in history, try to appease the sound people and try to dispose of the body. And not always in the ground.

More than that, you can resurrect the dead and put your zombies to work on chopping wood, mining and other mundane chores if you like.  Who doesn’t like an undead gardener tending to their daisies?

It’s a bit ridiculous (okay, a lot ridiculous) but it’s also a whole lot of fun and a fantastic twist on the Stardew Valley formula.  If you’re a Halloween fan who wants to be able to chill with a game in fitting with the season, Graveyard Keeper is worth your time.  As an extra bonus, Graveyard Keeper is available for 25% off in the Steam Halloween sale.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, you should see what other games you should be playing this Halloween season!


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