8 Wonderful Zelda Gift Ideas

We all know a Zelda fan (or maybe you are a Zelda fan prone to a little self-gifting). The good news is, we’ve got the perfect Christmas gift ideas for you.

There are no affiliate links in this article, I just think everything listed is awesome (and I want it all).

Legend Of Zelda Hyrule 3D Map Art
Link: Click Here
Price: £27.99

This hand-crafted 3D art piece looks absolutely stunning.

It’s based on the Hyrule map from Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo, and it’s guaranteed to take pride of place in any Zelda collection.

Legend Of Zelda Lantern
Link: Click Here
Price: £28.17

This Lantern can light up any dungeon and ward off most Poes and domesticated Skulltulas. This Zelda lantern is hand-sketched, laser cut and has 19 colours, which can fade into each other or flash like your own personal Link disco. Look this beautiful thing:

Whatever the quest, the Zelda fan in your life will need a light to guide their way. Let it be this one.

Legend Of Zelda Key Hanger
Link: Click Here
Price: £13.68

It’s dangerous to go alone…take this, uh, front door key. So, y’know, you can let yourself back in after you go to the store. There have been a few of these online over the years, but this is by far the nicest one I have seen.

The entire image was digitally redrawn for the clearest image and closest colours possible – this is not a blown up screen capture. The image is printed on UV Coated, full-colour vinyl for durability and ease in cleaning. The plaque is handmade from reclaimed, irregular and second-use wood.

Legend of Zelda Link Candle Holder
Link: Click Here
Price: £16.00

This beautiful tea light holder looks great in normal light, but even more stunning with a lit tea light flickering within.

I love that these are handmade with polymer clay; no two tealights will be the same, but each will be just a beautiful as the one that came before. I love it.

Link and Zelda Photo Frame
Link: Click Here
Price: £10.00

This falls into the category of simple, but effective.  A photo frame with pixelated Link and Zelda made from hama beads, which just works so well.

This picture frame has the charm that the SNES games had; it just goes to show that sometimes the simple ideas are the best.

Legend of Zelda Lap Desk
Link: Click Here
Price: £28.17

This has got to go down as a bargain; a completely homemade wood burned and stained Zelda lap desk for just £28.17.

It looks so good I’d be tempted to forego the cushion and stick it on my wall. WANT.

Legend of Zelda Shot Glass Set
Link: Click Here
Price: £17.70

Even if the Zelda fan in your life isn’t a big drinker (or old enough to drink, for that matter), these shot glasses would look incredible as decorative pieces.

Those who actually plan on using these on a regular basis (you barbarian) will be glad to hear that the pictures aren’t drawn, they’re etched. This means the pictures won’t begin to fade after a few uses, which is a huge bonus.

Heart Container Enamel Pin Badge
Link: Click Here
Price: £7.00

Sometimes the simplest and most understated things are the best. I truly adore this Heart Container badge; it’s subtle enough to wear daily, but not too in your face. Perfect.

Are you a Zelda fan? If so, which of these gifts would you love to have sitting under the tree on Christmas day?

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