Days Gone Makes My Eyeballs Happy

Seriously, just look at it. It’s stunning.

Days Gone, the new apocalyptic video game being produced by Sony Bend, has to be an example of what the new Playstation 4 Pro can do.

Eurogamer have obtained a handful of Days Gone 4K screenshots and, frankly, they’re beautiful. Y’know, in a post-apocalyptic zombie game kinda way.

Visually, Days Gone reminds me of Fallout 4 mixed with Dying Light. And, I just so happen to love Fallout 4 and Dying Light.

With that said, there is just one bit of bad news for PC gamers like me; Days Gone is a Playstation 4 exclusive. Shucks.


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  1. Really excited to see this game, especially when the character can drive bike. Hopefully, the zombies will be smarter and more savage just like in Last of Us or The Evil Within.

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