Microsoft Job Listing Suggests A Horizon Zero Dawn Style Game

Horizon: Zero Dawn is undoubtedly one of this console generation’s most successful games, and has earned envious glances from Xbox, PC and Switch gamers alike.  The job listing is not only positive for those players who missed out on Horizon Zero Dawn, but it is also positive for the Xbox One in general, as it shows that Microsoft are investing in exclusive titles.

The job listing was advertised on LinkedIn recently.  The listing was spotted on the profile of Sandor Roberts where he was seeking a Lead Environment Artist for a “Microsoft AAA Nextgen Title.”

Here’s the job listing:

It is likely to be a while before Microsoft reveals information on the title they are working on.  Phil Spencer recently hinted that Microsoft has signed many deals for exclusive projects which are 2-3 years away, and this could very well be one of those titles.

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