Unique Sound Design Job Opportunity For Audiophile Witcher Fans

If you’re an audiophile, adept at using sound design and audio-editing software, and a gaming fanatic: your ideal job opportunity has just been made available.

CD Projekt Red, the unorthodoxly generous, Polish developers behind 2015’s phenomenal, and breathtaking, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, are on the lookout for an experienced Sound Designer to join the team.

CD Projekt Red are working on Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, a fully pimped spin-off of The Witcher’s ludicrously addictive mini-game, and want someone to aid in the development of the games’ sound.

Despite the plethora of deep and intriguing storylines to get heavily entrenched into and the consistently beautiful panoramas to marvel at, playing round after round of gwent became a major distraction for many gamers. The simplistic, yet strangely addictive, card game left you with a ‘just one more…’ feeling and the brilliant soundtrack of instrumental gems that accompanied the mini-game further enhanced its addictiveness.

Providing you have the relevant skills, you can now join one of the most popular devs in the gaming community and play an integral part in the production of the audio aspect of Gwent. So what are you waiting for?

Applications can be made here: http://en.cdprojektred.com/jobs/sound-designer-gwent.

Just bear in mind that to make this pact with CD Project Red, you’ll need to relocate to Warsaw.

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