Xbox Scorpio Specs Overpower The PS4 Pro

Microsoft promised that their next console, Scorpio, would replace the PS4 Pro as “the most powerful console ever.”  They weren’t lying.

In an exclusive Eurogamer reveal, Microsoft unveiled the impressive specs of Scorpio that, on paper, overpowers every video game console on the market today.

Comparing the brute force of Microsoft’s incoming machine, Scorpio is more than capable of running a Forza tech demo at 60 frames-per-second and 4K resolution, while the PS4 Pro was only capable of playing an iteration to create the illusion of more power.

Below is a comparison of the Xbox One, PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio specs:

Microsoft has also promised that all existing Xbox games, including Xbox One Backward Compatible titles, will achieve more consistent framerates, better textures, and faster load time – without requiring an update or any work from developers.

While the PS4 Pro was very much a half-step forward, Scorpio seems to be bringing true next-generation performance without disregarding the Xbox One player-base.


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