An Hour With… Youropa (Hands-On Preview)

Youropa is a quirky platformer with Portal-esque puzzles and gravity-defying gameplay.  Here’s our hands-on preview.

Right from Youropa’s intro, it throws up questions.  After watching the Eiffel Tower explode into fragments, players wake up suspended from a tree as a Youropean, a small humanoid with suction cups instead of feet to allow walking up walls and ceilings.

I have never been a huge fan of platformers or puzzle titles, so I didn’t know what to think when the game key landed in my inbox.  However, after an hour of head-scratching, telling myself that the game is broken then realising that it isn’t and that there are solutions to every problem, I’ve started to fall in love with this little world.  The puzzles are genuinely taxing, even in the early stages, but the feeling of completing each stage is truly empowering.

Youropa is available NOW via Steam.  Oh, and don’t forget to read our full Youropa review.

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